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Mladost doo Odžaci has a long tradition in the production of cardboard packaging from 1981. year. The main activity is the production of all types of corrugated cardboard and cardboard packaging.Annual production of corrugated cardboard and cardboard boxes up to 5,000 tons. The production process always taking care of environmental protection and safety and health at work is on the first place of all the employees at the factory in performing everyday activities.

Understanding of product quality and safety, working conditions and natural environment on the right way is the basis for successfully directing all actions, from the simplest to the most complex, leading to the achievement of the following strategic goals of the company:

♦ That the wishes of our customers turn to their complete satisfaction in terms of product quality and safety.
♦ To continually build partnerships with our customers based on mutual trust and loyalty.
♦ To build the image of a successful company as basis for recognition and leading market position in the country and the region.
♦ That our customers can be sure that care about their requirements leads from first contact through delivery of finished products, a common finding opportunities for continuous improvement of cooperation.
♦ Constant growth and development and maximizing profit with cost optimization in the successful execution of production and other tasks is in accordance with legal and other requirements.
♦ Philosophy Mladost doo that employees as the most important resource, feel secure and benefit from working in a stable and successful company, with respecting the individuality of each individual and the active promotion of teamwork.
♦ Optimal control of significant risks to safety and health at work, to their elimination and reduction to an acceptable level.
♦ Continued investment in the development and monitoring of new technological developments.


Double-coated cardboard (outdoor wave) – wave height 4.6 ± 0.2 mm.

a) A wave (big wave): wave height 4.5 ± 0.3 mm
b) B wave (small wave): wave height 2.5 ± 0.3 mm
c) E wave (micro wave) wave height 1.25 ± 0.2 mm

2. Panels – two or three layers and five-layer corrugated cardboard with the profile of waves (height) A, B and E combination. Plates of corrugated cardboard are semi and go on to the next phase or the product that works for the purposes of cardboard that processed small circulation, mainly non-standard forms that require more manual labor and the appropriate machinery, processed in all types of boxes of TK.

3. Corrugated cardboard is a packaging material made of multiple layers of paper between which a wavy-shaped paper. The raw material for the production of TK are Teslinear, Kraftliner, Fluting Å renc and different weights.

4. American carton box- most massive transport boxes which are produced on highly productive machines in finishing with the possibility of multicolour printing (4 colors), glued on Lepilice, semi-automatic connectivity packages and palletizing.

5. Stamped packaging- embossed boxes that are american type are made by punching (straight and rotational) to the appropriate facilities for this type of packaging we have the proper equipment known manufacturers, large capacity and larger formats.

6. Sewn packaging:

a) special forms of packaging that connects metal Klamer
b) boxes of large formats: Packing chair, household appliances …
c) covers the coating of furniture parts
7. Other program, partition board and special-purpose products…

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