Activities: accommodation and food service
Place: Trstenik
Address: Cara Dusana 5
ZIP code: 37240
Telephone number 1: 037/711-535
Telephone number 2: 037/714-127
Mobile 1 : 064 / 88-58-763
Mobile 2 : 064 / 87-15-534
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Residence “Trstenik” is located in the very center of Trstenik, in the middle of the walking zone. In opposition to the entrance of the residence there is a beautiful park which stretches in front of the municipal administration and St. Trojica church. The residence has parking space.

“Trstenik” residence has 17 rooms:

-10 rooms with two beds, 3 of them with double beds

-5 rooms with one bed and

-2 suites

All rooms have bathrooms and TV sets. The restaurant is located at the top, 14th floor of the only Trstenik’s  skyscraper  called “Kula”.  The restaurant’s terrace can accommodate 32 people, and it offers a breathtaking view of the city, Western Morava River and its bridges, as well as the view on wider environment.  The restaurant has 70 chairs and there they serve national cuisine dishes.

Trstenik is located in the central Serbia, 200 km south from Belgrade.  The proximity of Corridor 10 road, Kopaonik mountain and Vrnjacka banja spa, as well as the tourist and sports airport on the outskirts of the city and Western Morava River, are providing very convenient touristic and geographical position of the Trstenik municipality. Trstenik and its surroundings have always been located on the boarders of kingdoms and on important communications which has left the great number of marks on its spiritual and material culture, starting from Neolith until today.

The Middle aged town Grabovac, known among people as Jerina’s city, is testifying about strategic importance of the road that led through the valley of the West Morava River.

The monastery Ljubostinja is dating from the late 14th century, and this is the foundation of the princess Milica, who, according to history, has met prince Lazar for the first time there. For centuries, for this part of the country, this monastery has been the center of culture and literacy. First Serbian poetess Jefimia, who has written one of the most beautiful works of Serbian poetry, Praise to Knez Lazar, in the silence of monastery walls, and princess Milica are buried in that monastery.

Veluce is one of the rare monasteries whose founder is not known, but it is certain that it was built somewhere between 1377. and 1378. year and the time of the painting is before 1389. According to the fresco of the founder and to the inscription on the nave, we can conclude that the monastery was built by female despot. According to the folk’s stories, the monastery was built by Knez Lazar’s daughter, Mara, and Vuk Brankovic’s wife as a token of repentance. Anyway, foundation of Veluca monastery will remain wrapped up by mystery for centuries.

There are mineral water springs near the monastery, which are well known since the ancient times for their healing effects, and this is the reason why Veluce is referred to as “the spring construction”.  Town with a rich and tumultuous past has largely preserved its old core. Town’s square is dominated by city hall and St. Troica church, built in 1900 in nonmoravic style, as the first of its kind in Serbia. When we speak about acoustics, this church is in the second place, right behind Oplenac church.

There is a sports airport near Trstenik which offers sightseeing from the air.

Morava and its bridges are the trademarks of the city. Moravian atmosphere is appreciated by vacationers, athletes, people who like recreation, both old and young, but still, the biggest fans of Morava are fishermen and boatmen. On the Morava’s bank, next to the city beach, there are numerous sports fields. On Gledicke mountains and Goc mountain there are marked mountain paths, total length over 100 km. For light recreational walk lovers and for cyclists we recommend The Path of Old Crafts and The Path of Princess Milica, both paths can offer not only refreshment but cultural experience, too. Trstenik’s environment, rich in both, natural beauty and history, is increasingly attracting the attention of tourists. Wooded slopes of Goc and Gledicke mountains and vivid valley of Western Morava are giving the incredible charm to this area. Long walks through beautiful sites, fishing, hunting, learning about interesting customs and old crafts, enjoying the food and vine, as well as the hospitality of Serbian hosts, are enough reasons for you to visit some of the Trstenik’s villages like Brezovica, Jasikovica, Bucje, Mala Drenova or Rijac.

Trstenik’s environment has long history in wine production. Tourists can enjoy tree award-winning wineries: “Stemina” located in Trstenik, “Milosavljevic” located in Bucje village and “Nikolic Vineries”.

There are various manifestations in Trstenik, such as Mountaineer’s spring day, Jefimia’s days, Modern Serbian prose, Extreme sports festival, Trstenik on Morava River,  and Hunting, Fishing and Tourism Fair. Our biggest value is warm, wiling and cheerful spirit of our people. You can find hospitality on every step of the way. It’s not a coincidence that our famous actor and director chose exactly this area and people who live here to be the characters of Serbian most popular TV show. There is place for everybody, whether you are nature and river lover, or admirer of tradition and culture, sports and recreation, or fond of food and vine.